Biking in Rome – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Rome certainly doesn’t have the reputation of a cyclist’s paradise, but don’t believe the hype—the Eternal City actually offers plenty of advantages for two-wheeled tourists. If you ride smart and stay safe you’ll find that cycling is the fastest and funnest way to get around Rome.

Beyond the Sistine Chapel: Contemporary Art in Rome

It’s been a while since Leonardo, Michelangelo and other legendary Ninja Turtles were swinging their brushes in Italy, but the art scene is very much alive and well in Rome. If you’re an art aficionado, shopping for a high-end souvenir, or just cruising for open-bar gallery parties, you’ll need to know where to start.

5 Latin Phrases You Should Know, and When to Use Them in Rome

The Latin language is still widely used today as a syntactical model, a taxonomic scheme, and most often as a tool for bubble-headed quasi-intellectuals to flex some linguistic muscle. Outside the Vatican, modern Italian is the language of the land, but a visit to the birthplace of Latin is still a perfect occasion to drop a Horace quote or two. If you use these Latin phrases in the right way while visiting Rome, you’ll guarantee yourself (at the very least) an extremely smug sense of self-assurance.

Piazza Navona – Seed the imagination with a healthy dose of architectural theatre.

An amble through the streets surrounding Piazza Navona seeds the imagination with a healthy dose of architectural theater. Forming a rough triangle between Ponte Cavour, Ponte Amedeo and Piazza Navona – I especially recommend our apartments in this area for those new to Rome. Being within the ancient city while also among sumptuous, Baroque palaces stimulates the mind to induce a cinematic feeling of living in a film. Here are some of my favorite alcoves that distinguish this neighborhood of heady grandeur.