St. Peter’s Basilica: simply breath-taking

You will not regret a visit to this beautiful and perfectly built Late Renaissance Church. St. Peter’s Basilica is located inside the walls of the Vatican City and to this day retains its sophisticated beauty. Its history and aesthetic interior and exterior make it an incredibly popular attraction for all ages and interests during a leisure or business short stay in Rome.

Visit Santa Maria della Vittoria

A beautiful old church and the home of Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

Santa Maria della Vittoria as featured in the movie Angel’s and Demons is a stunning little Baroque style church and worth a visit on any leisure or business short stay in Rome. The church is also a popular destination as it houses Bernini’s famous statue Ecstasy of Saint Teresa.

Vatican – a trip to the place where religion meets fine(st) arts

The City of Vatican is no doubt a special item on the sightseeing schedule of any visitor to Rome. It is where Christian tradition surviving to date gets mixed with the vision and craftsmanship of nonpareil artists from the past, the outcome of what is admired by thousands of people each year. The magnitude and splendor of this place inspires awe and adoration at the same time and each piece of this intricate puzzle is just as impressive on its own as it is as a component of the bigger picture. The stimulating gardens, the remarkable museums and the majestic basilicas and chapels – including the ever-impressive Sistine Chapel – are what makes a trip to Rome, in fact, complete.

Trevi Fountain, Rome – The largest and most famous fountain in Rome

Attracting thousands of visitors every single day, the Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s most iconic landmarks and is a sight not to be missed whilst visiting the city. Positioned within the charming Trevi Square, the fountain is the largest in Rome and is adorned with magnificent statues and incredible sculptures.

Trastevere Area, Rome – A delightful neighbourhood which oozes character, charm and energy

Positioned upon the west bank of the River Tiber and to the south of the Vatican City is Rome’s charming Trastevere area, a neighbourhood renowned for its authenticity and lively atmosphere. Amongst the narrow streets and medieval houses, you will find an impressive array of must see sights and attractions, all of which are definitely worthy of a visit.

Spiritual Bliss – Rome’s Top 10 Churches

Synonymous with Catholicism, the city of Rome is unsurprisingly saturated with religious establishments, with an incredible collection of over 900 churches awaiting attention. Blending ancient ruins with sacred burial spots and exquisite artistry, the myriad of options can seem quite overwhelming to first time visitors seeking a rewarding snapshot of the capital’s religious prowess. The following list curtails the confusion, highlighting ten of Rome’s most historic, breathtaking and influential holy sanctuaries.

Top 5 Views in Rome

Rome was founded on a hill, as legend has it, and it’s kept up its heritage well throughout the years. The ancient city encompasses seven hills but the modern city has expanded to include many more, and man-made structures have further added to the city’s wealth of panoramas. From the tranquil heights of Monte Mario to the cupola of St. Peter’s, here’s our top 5 list of breathtaking views in Rome:

Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Vatican

The Vatican isn’t technically part of Rome; it’s the world’s smallest autonomous city-state and is merely surrounded by Rome (that’s a freebie). Technicalities aside, if you’re going to Rome you won’t be able to leave without paying at least a quick visit inside these hallowed walls. Whether you’re a devout Catholic, a history buff or a casual sightseer, Vatican City offers more than its fair share of intrigue, mystery and visual grandeur. Here are a few interesting facts to pique your curiosity and impress a bishop or two when you visit the Vatican.

Top 5 Streets in Rome

Rome is known as the eternal city and brings millions of tourists to visit the city’s amazing sites every year. On your way to these sites, there are fabulous streets where you can eat, drink, or just simply, sit and admire, while you take your photo shoots. As the famous saying states, “All roads lead to Rome”, let us then find the top 5 streets inside the Eternal City.

Top 5 reasons to go to Rome

One of the dream destinations in Europe (even in the World) is Rome. Why? Rome is not only the capital of (the actual) Italy, but it was also the capital of the old Roman Empire. Last but not least, it's the capital of the Catholicism in the World. The combination of these three pillars makes Rome one of the biggest centers for Arts and History in the World. The beauty in each corner, in each restaurant, in each street, makes us never forget why we have chosen Rome to go for holidays.